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5 easy Golf Marketing Automations to increase sales and decrease staff resources

Creating golf marketing automations can help your golf course in numerous ways. By automating tasks you can free up your staff, increase sales, and create a community of happy golfers by providing them with real value and incentives to continue to play at your facility.


1. Automated Loyalty Rewards

In the GolfBack golf booking engine, operators can set parameters in which they can reward their loyal golfers. In the example below, the golf course has chosen to reward golfers that have booked 10 rounds online with a 35% off promotional code valid for their next round.

2. Automated Re-Engagement

Similar to #1, operators can set parameters to re-engage golfers that haven’t booked within a certain number of days. The image below shows that this course is choosing to send a 20% promotional code to golfers that haven’t booked a round of golf in the last 30 days.

Both automations above, are set in the admin panel of the GolfBack golf booking engine and GolfBack does the calculations. Once the automated, one-time use promotional code is triggered, a unique promotional code is sent to the GolfBack CRM and delivered to the golfer.   

The GolfBack marketing CRM then determines which email to deploy the unique promotional code offer. Either with language thanking the golfer for being loyal to the club or asking them to return and give the club another shot.

3. eClub Sign Ups

When a user volunteers to receive email communications from your business, a quick thank you can go a long way.

Our custom golf websites integrate with our marketing CRM seamlessly and when a new user subscribes to an eClub mailing list, they can be instantly sent a promotional code offer for their next round. 

The club in the example below is offering new eClub sign-ups a 10% promotional code that is automatically sent to each new subscriber. 

4. Membership Lead Automations

Another example of how the GolfBack Marketing CRM integrates with the golf marketing CRM tool is by automating membership requests sent by website users.

When a website visitor requests more information from the club, golf courses can automatically send them important membership information including:

  • Details about the course
  • Membership groups and events
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  • Next Steps
  • Promotional offers to preview the course
Golf courses can also take it another step and continue an automated campaign that sends the interested party information based on what we know about them, for instance.
  • If the membership lead has stated they have kids, an email that speaks to the junior programs can be automatically sent
  • If the membership lead has stated they are interested in golf lessons, a communication could be sent that highlights the golf instruction programs at the club. 

5. First Time Booking

We often appreciate our customers that frequent our golf courses but, we sometimes forget to say thanks to the first-time players. After all, a simple thanks for playing might just turn them into one of the regulars at your golf course.

This golf course has chosen to send anyone that books for the first time a thank you email with a promotional code offer to play their second round.

Closing words

Automated golf marketing campaigns are easy to deploy in the GolfBack system and have proven to provide golf course operators an opportunity to provide their guests with unparalleled value while freeing up staff resources.

If you’re interested in how taking advantage of automations can help your club, we would love to opportunity to discuss how we can help.

Brent Miller

Brent Miller

GolfBack | Director of Marketing

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