Case Study – How Dynamic Pricing Returned $3698 in Just 3 Days

Me: Mr. Operator, when are you the busiest? 

Operator: Weekend Mornings

Despite this, most courses still post rack static pricing week in and week out.  It’s also common for the same course to be giving a couple barter tee-times to a third-party vendor in this high demand window.

“Ah, give ‘em an 11am and a 12pm tee-time!”

Below is real-world example from a GolfBack client who generated additional revenues using the dynamic pricing tools maximizing high demand inventory.  This course also used the daily steal features provided by GolfBack to post promotional tee-times.  The daily steal times were previously given to a software provider in exchange for the software.  With GolfBack, the course posts daily steals at those times but keeps 100% of the revenue from the tee-times.

Course Information

Course Name Missouri Bluffs GC
Dates 9/17/2021 - 9/19/2021
Time Period 7:00 AM - 12:29 PM
Phone Quotable Rate (Rack) $74.88

Online Rounds Breakdown

Channel Rounds Revenue APR 196 $15,754 $80.38
Non Daily Steal 161 $13,517 $83.96
Daily Steal 35 $2,237 $63.91

If the course sold 161 rounds at the quotable phone rate of $74.88, it would’ve generated $12,055.68. In the above table you’ll notice that the course generated $13,517. The course used the dynamic pricing tools to generate an additional $1,461.32.

Had the daily steals been hot deal barter times and paid to the software or distribution vendor, that would’ve cost the course an additional $2,237 that they were able to generate for themselves using the daily steal features in GolfBack.

In just this three-day sample, the course was able to generate an additional $3,698 by using the dynamic pricing tool and eliminating $0 barter rounds. Using the above assumption, over a 52- week period, the course would generate an additional $192,296 in revenue.

Note: The golf course was 100% utilized in this day-part all three days

Written by: Bryce Voisin


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