Millions Leaving The Philly Market

Millions of dollars leave the Philadelphia Area Golf Market EVERY YEAR?

What if I told you that, overnight, the equivalent of 3 BRAND NEW 18-hole daily fee golf courses (competitors) opened in your immediate golf market? What if I told you millions of dollars are taken from your golf market every year?

“That’s not possible” 

Well…That’s exactly what happens every day in the Philadelphia metro area through GolfNow barter…Stay with me…

We analyzed one date, May 21st, 2022, to see the market impact of barter and the results are astonishing:

The method of extracting the data below was to visit, select the hot deals button on the home page, and then select Philadelphia as the location. We repeated this process for 10 days and recorded the data found on this webpage which may or may not be an exhaustive list of every course in the Philadelphia area that is listing hot deals however, this is what we found. 

Philadelphia Hot Deals Data May 21st, 2022

So – If we assume the average 18-hole course will do 100 rounds a day then we can then say, with certainty, that trading tee times in the Philadelphia Market has created 3 new golf courses and unneeded virtual competition in that market (320 barter rounds / 100). These are rounds booked on a virtual competitor’s site and are rounds that redirect revenue away from golf course owners and operators. 

This is yet another example of COMPETITIVE DISPLACEMENT – Offering YOUR LOWEST RATE & BARTER INVENTORY on an aggregate platform creates ACTUAL COMPETITION. i.e. You are building a golf course for GolfNow to make money and take golfers FROM you.

Hot Deals in the Philadelphia market alone have the potential to generate more than $15k per day in barter revenue for GolfNow…Why? Because GolfNow is given access to the golf course’s lowest rates which lures your golfers away from your booking channels. Then they collect that customer’s information and advertise more super low hot deals from your competition to your customers.

Golfers are smart and when they want to play golf, they will find the best deal. If you want to maximize your revenue potential then that best deal should always be through channels you own. Not on a third-party marketplace.

The long-term impacts of a large segment of the golf market giving their best price to a third-party are simple. Millions of dollars per year that could be put back into the golf courses are going to continue to enter the hands of a company that doesn’t have to cut one blade of grass. It is your club, it is your brand, and it should be your customer and your profits!  


So, what is the SOLUTION? Develop your non-negotiables:

1.) Own your customer data

2.) Own your lowest price

3.) Own the direct relationship with your customer

4.) Own 100% of your green and cart fee revenue online

5.) Stop listing inventory for lower prices in third party channels


These are just a few of the core principles at GolfBack that are integral to our golf course’s financial success and longevity. GolfBack was developed by golf course owners and operators as a solution to guarantee a data, marketing, and tee time sales platform that protects these principles and promotes only your brand and club.

Interested in being part of the movement but, not sure where to start? Check out our Case Studies or Reach out to our Director of Sales to see if GolfBack might be the perfect fit for your club:


Sean Duggan, PGA

Director of Sales

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