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The booking engine that sits on a golf courses website is the hub for the most effective data collection point for a golf course. Have you ever wondered over the years why a GolfNow or EzLinks booking engine was made available for free?

Booking engine stats can provide exceptional data via automation that can assist every golf operator in running their business more productively. Imagine having the opportunity to quickly evaluate your customers online behavior at the end of the month. If you could quickly go to your Club’s owner and deliver the following information.

Total online revenue, players per reservation, daily steal (or discounted times) revenue, promo codes used and how many of each, which rewards customers selected, rounds booked, average dollar per round, average dollar per reservation, conversion rates, reservations booked, and reservations per day.

How much stronger could your online strategy be with these historical data points month after month? If a club is using a booking engine that lacks these capabilities there is an absolute opportunity to use data to elevate your business. If a club uses a third party booking engine and does not receive this type of data then who is really benefiting from information collected?

In my opinion, every customer that plays a golf course is an opportunity to collect data, learn about your business, and improve. That information is valuable and as an industry we should protect that relationship with our customers.

John Brown

John Brown

CEO, GolfBack

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