Case Study: PITCHcrm Clients Drive Remarkable Growth with GolfBack


This case study provides a look into the success story of a group of golf courses that made a strategic shift to GolfBack. The study highlights the remarkable growth metrics achieved by these golf courses year over year (YoY) during the period of May 1, 2023, to July 31, 2023, after implementing the GolfBack booking engine.


The decision to utilize the GolfBack booking engine technology was driven by the desire to enhance operational efficiency, provide a seamless experience to golfers, and leverage advanced technology to achieve growth and sustainability.


Prior to adopting GolfBack, the golf courses faced several challenges, including inconsistent revenue streams, limited online booking capabilities, and a lack of comprehensive data analysis tools. These challenges hindered their ability to capitalize on modern golf industry trends.


The implementation of the GolfBack booking engine provided a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by the golf courses. The platform offered features such as integrated tee time booking, online payment processing, advanced dynamic pricing, and data-driven insights for informed decision-making.

Key Growth Metrics YoY

Green Fee and Cart Fee Revenue:

YoY Increase: 17.4%
The adoption of GolfBack facilitated streamlined payment processing and a user-friendly online booking interface. This led to a substantial 17.4% increase in green fee and cart fee revenue, indicating a significant enhancement in revenue generation.

Revenue Booked Online:

YoY Increase: 61.1%
Explanation: The integrated online booking system provided by GolfBack Solutions empowered golfers to conveniently reserve tee times and make payments online. The substantial increase in online bookings indicates a shift in customer behavior towards digital platforms, resulting in over a 60% boost in revenue generated through online channels.

Total Golf Rounds Booked:

YoY Increase: 12.7%
Explanation: The enhanced operational efficiency and improved user experience offered by GolfBack led to a slight uptick in the total number of golf rounds booked. The convenience of online booking and optimized course management likely contributed to this growth.

Total Golf Rounds Booked Online:

YoY Increase: 50.3%
Explanation: The remarkable 50.3% increase in golf rounds booked online demonstrates a significant shift towards digital booking methods. Golfers were attracted to the ease of use and convenience of the online platform, leading to a substantial increase in online bookings.


The case study highlights the transformative impact of the GolfBack Booking Engine on a group of golf courses over a three-month period. The implementation of our advanced revenue generating capabilities resulted in noteworthy YoY growth across key metrics, including green fee and cart fee revenue, online revenue, and golf rounds booked both overall and online. This success underscores the importance of embracing technology to drive growth and adapt to changing consumer preferences in the golf industry.


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