GolfBack’s CEO Named 16th Most Powerful Person in Golf

John Brown, CEO of GolfBack named #16 most powerful person in golf for 2023

More about John Brown

John M. Brown, CEO of GreatLIFE Golf, has spent a lifetime in golf, learning the game from his father a Master PGA Professional.  John attended West Chester University, playing on the golf team, and graduating with a finance degree. 

Professionally, he began his career with Troon Golf where he spent six years in various roles, before beginning Brown Golf in January of 2011 with his father John A. Brown.  John become the CEO of Brown Golf in June of 2017, overseeing a portfolio of twenty-five golf courses. 

John was instrumental in launching a proprietary booking engine platform called GolfBack ( in October 2020, which now serves over 100 golf course clients. 

In September of 2022, John was named CEO of GreatLIFE Golf.   GreatLIFE Golf ( was formed when Brown Golf & GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness merged in September 2022 and has fifty-six golf courses across nine states that include VT, PA, SC, NC, GA, FL, TX, KS, and MO. 


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